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Word on the Street

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Composer testimonial

Cathy Likhuta

“Quercus Trio are dream collaborators for composers and are great champions of new Australian music in particular, a very important mission in my eyes. With brilliant playing and dynamic programming, they are beyond captivating for audiences. Each a terrific musician in their own right, somehow together they become even greater than their sum.”

Artistic vision

Creative Synergy

Carla, Rhodri and Elizabeth share in a daring sense of musical adventure. Their musical passion has evolved from immersion in the music of many eras and cultures. 

Client 3


Professional Guidance

Limelight Magazine:    

“Anyone who suspects that a whole disc of Australian horn trios might be a)niche or b)dull better think again… Quercus Trio… has picked a

sextet of composers with a diverse range of tonal languages and melded them into a satisfyingly varied whole.”


“All three instruments are perfectly balanced and the playing is immaculate.”


Music Trust: 


“An important and enthralling addition to the Australian recorded music catalogue, and the horn trio repertoire in general.”


“The high quality of the compositions included…makes it a delight to review… The musical glue is provided by the members of the Quercus

Trio.  It is hard to fault the coherence of their ensemble, rich tonal pallete, or sense of musical architecture.”


“The horn trio is relatively rare as a chamber music assembly.  With this recording, Quercus has moved it into the mainstream whilst reminding

us yet again of the richness of our musical heritage.”



“Superb! Absolutely mesmerising.”


"For whatever reason the term 'supergroup' was not used in classical music circles but today I declare I have come across one from Melbourne, Quercus Trio, made up of stars from other ensembles."


"…. Are all virtuosi in their own right and with years of performing in different ensembles behind them they bring to this group such an awesome knowledge.  Blackwood can produce heroic music one second before enchanting with an ethereal music from the heavans.  Sellars weaves such a sweet tone and can also turn on the power when required and Clarke is the pianist i am sure every composer wants to interpret their music."  


“From the otherwordly opening of Smalley's Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano through to the last moments of the trio by Don Banks the playing is, like the rock band Cream was to me as a teenager, sensational."  

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